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NEW!  "Teeswater Locks" Long Bundle

NEW! "Teeswater Locks" Long Bundle


NEW!  "Teeswater Locks" Long Bundle


We are now offering RAW "Teeswater Locks" Bundles.


Teeswater Sheep have been bred in Northern England for about two hundred years.  Their Wool is fine with High Luster Purled Curly Locks.


We love to Hang Teeswater Locks on Olde Peg Racks or Fill Baskets with their Curly Locks.  A MUST for any WOOL LOVER!


Our Teeswater Locks are RAW.  That means you WILL find bits of grass, straw or dirt in the Wool.  We LOVE to decorate the Shop and our Homes with the RAW Wool as it gives a more Natural, Primitive Look.  The RAW Wool maintains its soft feel as the Natural Lanolin has not been washed out.


Our RAW Wool is used for decoration, but can also be used for Doll Hair or other Craft Projects when WASHED.


Our "Teeswater Locks" Long Bundles are approximately 17"-18" long when doubled over as shown in picture.


Our "Teeswater Locks" Bundles come tied with Twine and a Teeswater Sheep Tag.


Very Limited Supply.



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