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NEW!  Olde Pantry Gobnaut Melting Loaf

NEW! Olde Pantry Gobnaut Melting Loaf

NEW!  Olde Pantry Gobnaut Melting Loaf


After searching for nearly three years to find the best in quality and scents, 1894 Cottonwood House is proud to announce our new Olde Pantry Gobnaut line of Candles, Melting Loaves and Room Spray.

These have been carefully selected by our Valued Customers and Staff.

Our Highly Scented Melting Loaves are approximately 4 Ounces and come in Brick Form.

Depending on the scent they are Black or Ivory in Color.

Scents available:

*Primitive Pantry - Sugar and Spice, Maple and Smooth Carmel along with Warm Tones of Cinnamon complete this Rich and Warm Sensation (Black)

*Apple Jack Peel - Wonderful Fresh Apple Aroma with Spicy Old Fashioned Cinnamon and Cloves. (Ivory)

* Pumpkin Patch - Mouthwatering Notes of Butter, Sugar, Spices and Pumpkin! (Black)

*Cream Brûlée - Creamy Custard Base with a Thin Layer or Caramelized Sugar (Ivory)

*Southern Pecan Pie - Filled to the Brim with Crisp, Scrumptious Pecans and a Delicious Sugar Spice Filling (Black)

*Amish Friendship Bread - You will love the aroma of Freshly Baked Bread Flavored with Cinnamon (Ivory)

Be Sure to Select your Scent at Checkout!

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