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NEW!  'Gertie's Speckled Hens"

NEW! 'Gertie's Speckled Hens"


NEW! "Gertie's Speckled Hens" Wool Bundle

This NEW BUNDLE is a Charming Collection of Reds, Mustards, Blacks and a Creamy Cream! So reminiscence of the walking through Grandma's Barn Yard.


*Mustard Chicken Feet Texture
*Sunflower Beak Check Texture
*Strawberry Chicken Feed Herringbone Texture
*Creamy Egg Check Texture
*Deep Wattle Cranberry Honeycomb Texture
*Black Coop Wire Waffle Texture
*Ash/Grey Gertie Scot Plaid Texture

Each piece measures approximately 6.5" X 16"

We do our best to post photographs and realistically represent the colors of our wool. Color monitors may vary and color may differ slightly from the original.

100% Wool Pre-Washed and Lofted in Cottonwood House Lanolin Wash

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    1894 Cottonwood House
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