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NEW!  "Down the Stoney Path"

NEW! "Down the Stoney Path"


NEW!  "Down the Stoney Path" Wool Bundle


You will LOVE strolling Down the Cottonwood House Stoney Path...

Enjoying these Beautiful Deep Shades....


Perfect for Sheep, Hares, Roses, Horses, Olde Fences, Vintage Linens, Olde Farmhouses, Milkweeds, Pussy Willows, Stoney Walls and Paths!




*Biscotti/Latte Check Texture

*Linen/Sand Dollar Stripe Texture

*Milkweed/Tan Mini Check Texture

*Muffin Mix Plaid Texture

*Hazel Wood Herringbone Texture

*Brown Sugar Tweed Texture

*Sugar Cookie Solid


Each Piece Measures Approximately 6.5" X 16"


We do our best to post photographs that realistically represent the colors of our wool.  Color monitors may vary and color may differ slightly from the original.


100% Wool Pre-Washed and Lofted in Cottonwood House Lanolin Wash



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