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NEW!  # 712 "Abracadabra"

NEW! # 712 "Abracadabra"


NEW!  #712 "Abracadabra" Wool Pattern


Pricilla Goode...Out of the Shadows


Out in my Garden some Pumpkins I found

Marmalade and Cream stretched out on the Ground


With a wave of my wand and a twitch of my head

"Abracadabra!" I said,

"This is NO Time to Rest!

Get Ready, Get Set...Now Put on Your Best"


With a Laugh that was Hardy

I shouted with Glee


"It's October 31

It's Time to Party!"


Come and Join Pricilla's Pumpkin Party


Whether you would like to fill your Olde Wood Bowl With Simple Wooly Pumpkins


Dress Them Up with Fun, Folky and Vintage Wooly Cone Hats


With This Pattern you Can Do BOTH!



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