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NEW!  #706 "Spots, Dots and BOO"

NEW! #706 "Spots, Dots and BOO"

NEW!  #706 "Spots, Dots and BOO" Wool Appliqué Pattern

**The Goode Witches of Salem Series**

In the Caldron, Boil and Bake
Eye of Newt, Garden Snake
Add a Little Lizard Leg
Wing of Bat and Raven Egg
Dance Around the Garden Gate
Count Slowly to the Number Eight
Then Bubbles Pop To and Fro
The Garden has a Magic Glow
What is a Goode Witch to DO?
LOVE all those Little Spots and Dots
And Give the World a Kiss of BOO!

You never know what will happen when Rose Goode is
Mixing a New Potion!

Rose Shares with you her "Spots, Dots and BOO"
Pin Keeps & Wool Keeper


Three Pumpkin Pin Keeps - 5", 6", 7"
BOO Pin Keep - 3.5" X 7"
Wool Keeper - 7" X 7"

Very Limited Supply
  • Details

    Original Designs by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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