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NEW!  #704 "Potion Pockets"

NEW! #704 "Potion Pockets"

NEW!  #704 "Potion Pockets"  Wool Applique Pattern

**The Goode Witches of Salem Series**

Where the Marjoram once, and Sage and Rue,
And Balm, and Mint with Parsley grew,
And double Marigolds and silver Thyme,
And Pumpkins 'neath the Window climb

I gather each Herb and Petal there
To mix my Potions with You to Share...

Pricilla Shares Her "Potion Pockets"

Design to fill with your Favorite Autumn Drieds


7" X 9"

Very Limited Supply
  • Details

    Original Designs by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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