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NEW!  #528 Santa Came

NEW! #528 Santa Came


NEW!  #528 Santa Came


2019 BOM

"Christmas In The Big Woods"




"...In each stocking, there was a pair of Bright-Red Mittens and a long stick of red and white striped Peppermint Candy.  The were all so happy, they could hardly talk.  But Laura was the happiest of all.  Santa Claus had brought Laura a Rag Doll.  The doll was so beautiful that Laura could not say a word.  She just held her tight and forgot everything else...Laura saw that something was shinning bright at the top of her stocking.  It was a glittering new Tin Cup!  Mary had one just like it.  An the stockings were not empy yet.  Mary and Laura reached in and pulled out a small package.  Inside the package was a little Heart Shaped Cake, frosted and covered with bits of colored sugar..."


6.5" X 30" Wool Block

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