NEW! #523 "Eat Drink & Be Scary"


NEW!  #523 "Eat Drink & Be Scary"




We Have Cmbined Olde Vintage Feed Sacks With

Wool, Primitive Stitchin' and "Free Spirit" Cross Stitch (As Grandma Called It)


All Mounted To

Our Lil Olde Tombstone Bread Board


Tuck Into Your Favorite Olde Cupboard

Perfect Kitchen Keeper


Fast & Easy


4.5" X 5.5" Design Area


Limited Number of KITS Available


Lil Olde Tombstone Bread Board Sold Separately


Watch For:

*Eat Drink and Be Thankful*

*Eat Drink and Be Merry*

*Eat Drink and Be Cozy*

*Eat Drink and Be Blessed*