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NEW!  #486 "Black Bee"

NEW! #486 "Black Bee"


NEW!  #486 "Black Bee"  Wool Applique Pattern


2019 "The Bee Keeper" Block of the Week




Together the Bee Blocks Will Form a Table Runner 12" X 66"


Each Block Features a Different Species of Bee


Each Block is Done in the Dusty Muted Shades of Summer




See Listing Under "The Bee Keeper" To Sign Up!


This Listing is for Block FIVE Only


FREE "Bee Tuck" Pattern and KIT for Those Who Join our Six Week BOW


"Bee Tuck" Pattern and KIT will be shipped with Last Pattern



...The Celts came to Britain specifically for the Black Bee and its Honey.

In Celtic Myth, Black Bees were regarded as having Great Wisdom and acted as Messengers from the Gods...



11" X 12" Block


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