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NEW!  #446 "Christmas Is Coming 1871"

NEW! #446 "Christmas Is Coming 1871"


NEW!  #446 "Christmas Is Coming" Wool Applique Pattern


Block One - "Christmas Is Coming"  -  6.5"X 30"



2019 Block of the Month


"Christmas In the Big Woods"

A Laura Ingalls Inspired Wool Quilt


"Christmas was coming to the Big Woods of Wisconsin, where Laura lived with her Pa and Ma, her older sister Mary, and her baby sister Carrie..."




Block One - "Christmas is Coming 1871"

Block Two - "Decorating the Mantel"

Block Three "Stars and Snowflakes"

Black Four - "Baking Gingerbread"

Block Five - "The Log House"

Block Six - "Olde Woolen Mittens"

Block Seven - "The Big Woods"

Block Eight - "The Button String"

Block Nine - "Sleigh Bells"

Blok Ten - "Santa Came!"

Block Eleven - "Family"





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