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NEW!  #410 "Amazing Grace"

NEW! #410 "Amazing Grace"


NEW!  #410 "Amazing Grace" Wool Applique Pattern



We Collect Quilts from the 18th and 19th Century here at the Cottonwood House


We are Lovingly and Humbly Reproducing Some of Our Favorite Blocks...Working With Wool 


 Design is True to the Original

Stitched As it Was in the Year Created




16" X 25"

Originally Created in 1864


Our "Amazing Grace" Wool Applique is True to the Time Period.

Stitched into Wool Rugs at this Time were "Pennies" or other Coins.

Originally Stitched into the Rugs to Weigh them Down to Prevent Slipping, the Coins were Stitched under Flower Motifs and into the Borders.  Thus the Cimmon use of "Circles"in the Designs.

During and after the Civil War, Coins were Stitched into the Rugs to Hide them from the Soldiers or other Folk who would come into the Homesteads and Take all the Families' Possessions.

Often the Children were told to Stand on the Rugs when their Homes were Invaded to Keep the Rugs Safe.


Stitched under the "Flower Circles" in our Amazing Grace Design you will Find Pennies!


1864 History

**"In God We Trust" is inscribed on all Currency**

**General Sherman Begins His March to the South**

**Arlington National Cemetery is Organized**

**Robert E. Lee Battles for the Last Time**

**Abraham Lincoln is Re-Elected as President**








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