NEW! #402 "Out On the Clothes Line" Block #8


NEW!  #402 "Out On the Clothes Line" Wool Applique


2018 BOM "Home" Block #8


Tour the Cottonwood House Farm As It Looked in 1894


Ten Blocks Surround the Farmhouse...Each Depicting a Scene On the Farm


Great Grandma's Clothes Line was made from Cottonwood Tree Branches.  She planted Honeysuckle Vines around the Clothes Line so that when the Clothes Hung in the Summer Sun, they would not only be Fresh and Clean they would also Carry the Scent of  the Beautiful Honeysuckle Flowers.


Featured on Block #8 you will find a Few of the Families Bedclothes surrounded by Honeysuckle Vines.


Block Measures 12" X 12"