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NEW!  #392 "Down in the Cellar" Block #7

NEW! #392 "Down in the Cellar" Block #7


NEW!  #392 "Down in the Cellar" Wool Applique


2018 BOM "Home" Block #7


Tour the Cottonwood House Farm As It Looked in 1894.


Ten Blocks Surround the Farmhouse ... Each Depicting Scenes On the Farm


The Family's Root Cellar was under the Main House.  Olde Crocks , Glass Jars and Farm Ware were filled with Fruits, Vegetables, Dried Meats and Herbs.  Along One Side of the Cellar Hung Vegetables, Meats and Herbs to Dry.


I am the Humble Owner of a Few of These Precious Olde Crocks.


Featured on Block #7 you will find these Olde Crocks filled with Tomotoes, Pears and Carrots.  


Drying above are Onions, Lavender, Sunny Yellow Milk Petals and Rosemary.


Come on "Down the Cottonwood Cellar" with Us.


Block Measures 12" x 12"








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