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#342 "Sew Many Blessings"

#342 "Sew Many Blessings"


 #342 "Sew Many Blessings" Wool Pattern

I Designed this Several Years ago and Keep it Hanging in my Sewing Room.

It Reminds Me that amongst all the Many Many things that I am Thankful for I have been So Blessed to be able to use my Hands and Create.

This Design incorporates a Very Skinny Turkey Happily Pulling a Pumpkin Wagon filled with Pumpkins, Leaves, Buttons, a Rusty Safety Pin and an Olde Bobbin.

A pair of Olde Scissors hang along side our Bending Flower with a Leaf and Pumpkin Scissors Keep. I keep an Olde Embroidery Needle and Thread tucked under a Turkey Wing.

My favorite part is the Measuring Tape Border on the bottom!

Measures 12" X 13", it is mounted to our Olde Salem Bread Board.

  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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