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#336 "Dear Spooks"

#336 "Dear Spooks"


 #336 "Dear Spooks" Wool Appliqué Pattern

Pattern Includes Designs for our Wooly Tree Skirt, Wooly Ornaments and Tree Topper!

Our Wooly Tree Skirt measures 8.5" in Diameter.
It features Three Folky Pumpkins, Two Olde Fences with Bittersweet Vine and One Big Olde Moon!

Our Wooly Ornament Designs include: Three Different Jack-OH-Lanterns, Two Vintage Cats all adorned with Beady Eyes and Rusty Bells. ALSO you will find the Pattern to make Wooly Candy Corn Ornaments to Tuck in the Branches!

Ready to Perch on the top of this Spooky Tree is our Midnight Raven tucking the Man in the Moon on an Olde Stick under his Wing!

This New Spooky Tree makes a Perfect Centerpiece for your Table or Olde Cupboard.

Perfect Pattern to us those SCRAPS!

  • Details

    Original Designs by Sandra McKee
    1894Cottonwood House
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