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#311 "O'Wooly Buttermilk Tree"

#311 "O'Wooly Buttermilk Tree"


#311 "O'Wooly Buttermilk Tree" Pattern

14" Tall

Fashioned after the Antique German Feather Tree!

We LOVE this Wooly Tree here at the Cottonwood House because we can decorate it all through the year! We adorn ours for Valentines Day, Spring/Easter, July 4 and Autumn! IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!

Our "O'Wooly Buttermilk Tree" Pattern included the Directions and Diagrams to help you create your own Wooly Buttermilk Tree.

**Please Note: Our O' Wooly Buttermilk Tree is designed a little differently than our O Wooly Christmas Tree Pattern. The technique is the same but the placement of branches and sizing is different.**

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    1894 Cottonwood House
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