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#300 "O' Wooly Christmas Tree"

#300 "O' Wooly Christmas Tree"


#300 "O' Wooly Christmas Tree" Pattern

**Pattern Includes Directions for Both 18", and 24" Trees

Fashioned after the Antique German Feather Tree!

Feather Christmas Trees were first created in Germany in the 1880's.

These first artificial trees were in a response to growing concerns concerning the deforestation associated with the harvest of Christmas Trees in Germany.

Feather trees were initially made of Green-Dyed Goose Feathers which were attached to wire branches. The feathers were split and then secured with wire to form the branches. These wire branches were then wrapped around a central wood branch or stick for the trunk. The branches were widely spaced to keep the candles that were placed on the tree, from starting a fire.

The tradition of Feather Christmas Trees was brought to the United States by German Immigrants in places such as Pennsylvania and Texas.

Our "O Wooly Christmas Tree" Pattern includes the Directions and Diagrams to Create your own Wooly Christmas Tree.

**If you have already Purchased our "O'Wooly Christmas Tree" Pattern for our 18" Tree, please email us for the supplement to construct 24" tree if desired**

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    1894 Cottonwood House
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