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NEW! #291  "Scare-Crow" Wool Applique Pattern

NEW! #291 "Scare-Crow" Wool Applique Pattern

NEW!  #291 Scare-Crow Wool Applique Pattern

We love the look of WOOL and OLDE FEED SACKS!

Our Skinny Forlorn Scare-Crow is joined by a Rather Plump Crow!

Standing amongst the Corn Stalks and Pumpkins he is Stuffed with Straw. The Wool Straw is hanging free for a more 3-Dimensional Look...

All Stitched onto an Olde Ragged Feed Sack.

This Wool Appliqué shown in the picture is attached to an Olde Stool.

Our Crow Broom Keeper is stitched onto a Scrap of Olde Feed Sack.

Gotta LOVE that Wool Pumpkin Pin Keep Dusted in Cinnamon!

Pattern inclused ALL THREE DESIGNS!
  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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