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NEW!  #287 "H E N S "

NEW! #287 "H E N S "

NEW!   "H E N S" Wool Appliqué Pattern

Aunt Gertie's Speckled Hens were always on the loose! What fun it was to try to catch them in Ma's Garden, much to Ma's dismay!

"Hens in Ma's Garden" features Three Speckled Hens running through Ma's flower garden.

Appliqued in the Very Happy Colors of Sunshine Yellow, True Red, Cream and Jet Black

Finished with Feather Triangles in Red and Yellow!

Perfect for your Olde Pantry Table or Hanging over an Olde Ladder!

Finished Measurement: 18" X 27"

"H E N S" Vintage Tags Available on our Notions and Needfuls Page
  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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