NEW! #282 "Van Tassel's Pumpkins" Wool Applique

NEW!  #282 "Van Tassel's Pumpkins" Wool Applique Pattern

"The Van Tassel stronghold was situated on the banks of the Hudson, in one of those green, sheltered, fertile nooks which the Dutch famers are so fond of nestling...Ichabod rolled his great green eyes over the fat meadowlands, the rich fields of wheat, rye, Indian corn...pumpkins of every size..."

This pattern features THREE separate designs to appliqué on Three Different sizes of Pumpkins!

The Applique Designs are on Two sides of the Pumpkins and the Numbers "1, 2 and 3" are appliquéd on the other two sides.

They are topped off with Moss and Olde Dried Pumpkin Stems!

Pumpkin Sizes: 6 1/2", 8", 12"
  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House