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Lil Olde Pumpkin Man

Lil Olde Pumpkin Man

Hello Lil Olde Pumpkin Man

Guaranteed to make you smile!

Lil Olde Pumpkin Man hangs from a Rusty Wire.

He is made from Muslin.

He has been Painted, Sanded, Stained and Rolled in Cinnamon.

His Giant Grin is made from an Olde Wire.

His Eyes are Dirty Olde Buttons.

His Facial Features are Hand Stitched.

Around His Neck he is wearing a Cheese Cloth Scarf.

Two Rusty Jingle Bells are Stitched down the Front.

Olde Pumpkin Man is 11" tall (NOT including the hanging wire) and his Head is 6" wide

Only 3 Left!
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    1894 Cottonwood House
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