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The Seven Goode Witches of Salem

"There were Seven Witches of Olde

From the Family of Goode I am Told

Instead of Bewitching, they'd Rather be Stitching

Their Hearts were not Black, but pure Gold

Abigail, Prudence, Constance, Mary

Pricilla, Patience and Rose

They all lived in Salem, with their Brother Abram

Down by the Edge of the Cove.

Instead of attending Spell Binding School

Or Learning their Charms and Their Chants

Wool they were Dyeing, New Colors were Trying

Weaving Thread from their Bundles of Flax.

Seven Goode Witches, Seven Goode Sisters

A Needle and Thread but no more

Black Cats were not found, but White Sheep did abound

They hung Quilts, not Brooms by their Door.

Yes, Legend has it they were Amiable Folk

Kind Hearted, The Gents they did Swoon

When others were Flying and Stars were a Shining

They Danced by the Light of the Moon"

©1894 Cottonwood House


August 15-18


Curated Event



Wooly Patterns


Olde Homestead Goodes


Notions and Needfuls


Hand Dyed Wooly Bundles

Daily Deals

Daily Winners

Grand Prize Winner


See You Tomorrow...


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