Olde Pumpkin Pin Cushion on Rusty Spring


Odle Pumpkin Pin Cushion on Rusty Spring

We Collect Pin Cushions here at the Cottonwood House. This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!

The Pumpkin and Leaves are made from Muslin. They have been Painted, Sanded, Stained and Rubbed in Cinnamon. An Olde Stick is the Pumpkin Stem.

This Pumpkin Pin Cushion sets up on an Olde Rusty Spring!

Height from Stem to Bottom of Spring...7".

The Pumpkin Center is 3" in Diameter!

Perfect Cupboard Sitter!

Each Pumpkin Pin Cushion is Handmade...no Two are Alike!

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    1894 Cottonwood House