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NEW!  Olde Farm-Find Strainer #7

NEW! Olde Farm-Find Strainer #7


NEW!  Olde Farm-Find Strainer #7


The Cottonwood House Is FILLED With Vintage Strainers!  We Use Them To Display EVERYTHING IN!


Imagine, Olde Goodes, Olde Scissors, Spools, Wool, Thimbles, Farmhouse Eggs, Wooly Carrots, Wooly Strawberries and OH SO Many Wooly Pumpkins!


This Olde Strainer Has A LOT of Character!  Time Worn and Sweet Rusty...that is what we called anything Rusty...Sweet Rusty!  LOVE the LOOK!


Approximately 8" Diameter Across the Top, 5.5" Tall


One of a Kind

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