NEW! "Little Purple Pansies"


NEW!  "Little Purple Pansies" Wool Bundle




"Little Purple Pansies Touched With Yellow Gold

Growing in One Corner of the Garden Olde

We are very Tiny but must Try, Try, Try

Just one Spot to Gladden, You and I

In whatever Corner we may chance to Grow

Whether Cold or Warm the Wind May Ever Blow

Dark the Day or Sunny, We must Try, Try, Try

Just One Spot to Gladden, You and I"


Imagine.....Pansies, Lilacs, Coneflowers, Violets, Iris, Turnips, Eggplants, Plums, Grapes, Onions and Priscilla the Goode Witch's Ball Gown


Each Piece Measures Approximately 6.5" x 16"


100% Wool Pre-Washed and Lofted In our Cottonwood House Lanolin Wash