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NEW!  #455 "How Do I Love Thee"

NEW! #455 "How Do I Love Thee"


NEW! #455 "How Do I Love Thee" Wool Applique Pattern


LOVE is Blooming Here at the Cottonwood House!


You will LOVE our New Olde Book Keepers


"How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Count the Ways"


We have been making Wool Keepers for our Olde School Books for a Long Time here at the Cottonwood House.


We attach the Wooly Designs to the Front of the Books with Twine.  Using this Method, we do not alter the Original Cover of the Olde Books and we can change them out with the Seasons.


Olde Books are a great way to display your Wool Applique.  They can stand on their own and look AMAZING on your Mantle, Tucked in an Olde Pantry Bowl or Olde Cupboard or Just Sitting on your Farm Table.


Wool Applique Approximately 4.5" X 7"

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