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NEW! #333 "On Hallow's Eve"

NEW! #333 "On Hallow's Eve"

NEW!  #333 On Hallow's Eve Wool Applique Pattern

Look Who is Marching Out of the Barn...

Our favorite Cottonwood House Children are all dressed in their Halloween Costumes and heading off to the Halloween Parade at Mr. Parley's Pumpkin Farm!

After the Parade, they are looking forward to a Night of Apple Bobbing, Donut Stacking and of course Carving out their Very Own Jack-O-Lanterns!

Our Man in the Moon is Joining in the Festivities!

A Hallow's Eve Tradition here at the Cottonwood House!

These Wool Appliqué Hearth Pillows are SIMPLE and FUN to STITCH!

Large Hearth Pillow: Background - Orange Herringbone Wool, Silhouettes - Black Wool Hand Appliquéd to Background using a Blanket Stitch

Small Pillow: Background - Black Wool, Letters - Orange Herringbone Hand Appliquéd to Background using a Blanket Stitch

Measurements: 14" X 28", 7" X 11"
  • Details

    Original Designs by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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