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NEW!  #322 "C R O W"

NEW! #322 "C R O W"

NEW!  #322 C R O W Wool Applique Pillow!

Just in time for Summer!

Our TWO NEW DESIGNS STAR One of Our Favorite OLDE BYRDS....the CROW!

Our Olde Hearth Pillow is 15" X 15", features Three Olde Crows in the Flower Garden with the Hand Embroidered Patch "Do Something to Crow About".

Our Olde Pantry Pillow is 9" X 14" , features an Olde Crow Sitting Under a Flower with Olde Vintage Tags that Spell Out C R O W.

C R O W Tags are Found on our Notions and Needfuls Page
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    Original Designs by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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