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#297 "Winter Gathering"

#297 "Winter Gathering"


 #297 "Winter Gathering" Wool Pin Keeps Wool Pattern

One of our Most Popular Patterns here at the Cottonwood House!

Fast and Easy to Make, these designs remind us of of Fond Memories and Happy Frosty Days!

This Pattern features THREE DESIGNS!

The FIRST design is of a Winter Tree with Snow Flakes on the tips of His Branches!
The SECOND design is of our Dear Olde Friend Santa saying a Simple HO!
The THIRD design is of A Forlorn Snowman Needing a Home with YOU!

"Winter Gathering" Pin Keeps Measure 6" X 6".

They are filled with Olde Crushed Black Walnut Shells from England!
*Did you know that if you fill your Pin Keeps with Crushed Black Walnut Shells, they keep your Pins and Needles Shiny and SHARP?

The Pin Keeps are Finished Off with our own Hand-Dyed Baby Ball Fringe.

Find our Hand-Dyed Baby Ball Fringe on our "Notions and Needfuls" Page

Find our Olde Crushed Black Walnut Shells on our "Notions and Needfuls" Page

  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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