NEW! #295 Trick or Treat Wool Appliqué Pattern

NEW!  #295 Trick or Treat Wool Appliqué Pattern

Designed for our 23rd Annual Halloween Bash, this Pattern will be a Halloween Favorite!

We have 7 Daughters...all of whom loved wearing our Homemade Witch Costume! It was their favorite Costume! Thus the Silhouette of the Witch...and the Little Orphan Boy was designed after a Costume our Son wore when he played an Orphan in a Middle School Musical!
Fond Memories!

This Pillow features the Silhouettes of a Little Witch with a Pumpkin on a Stick and a Little Boy dressed in a Orphan Costume circa 1890's. He is carrying a lit Jack-O-Lantern. Watch out for that Scaredy Cat! A Moon Lit "Trick or Treat" and an Olde Crow watching the Trick or Treaters will give you the Shivers!

Buttons made from Real Candy Corn adorn the bottom of the Pillow! The Pillow is Finished with Jumbo Black Ric Rac.

A Simple BOO Pin Keep will look Spooky tucked in a Cupboard or fill a whole bowl with them!

Trick or Treat Pillow Measures 13" X 18"
BOO Pin Keep Measures 3" X 8"

  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House