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#286 "Sweet Jingles" Wool Pattern

#286 "Sweet Jingles" Wool Pattern


 #286 "Sweet Jingles" Wool Pattern
Olde Pantry Bowl Filler

What a SWEET Olde Pantry Bowl you will have when you fill it with these Fast and Fun Wool Christmas Treats!

Our Pattern includes the directions for 5 Holly Leaves, Three Peppermint Twists and One Darling Gingerbread Boy! All made from WOOL and accented with Shiny Red Mini Jingle Bells!

Create the Olde Vintage Tags that spell J I N G L E!

Now fill your Olde Bowl with the Holly Leaves, Peppermint Twists, Gingerbread Boy, Vintage Tags....Add some Bright and Shiny Red Jingle Bells, Popcorn and the Vintage Music Sheet for Jingle Bells! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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