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#88 "Whimsey" Quilt Pattern

#88 "Whimsey" Quilt Pattern

#88 WHIMSEY Quilt Pattern

If you love summer and you love to stitch, this folky quilt pattern is for you!

Overlayed on the top of a gorgeous patch work quilt you will find 8 different stitchings.
Two stitchings feature marching ants, one stitching is of a watermelon, one stitching is of an American flag with vines for stripes and a sunflower for stars. Another stitching is of olde Mister Crow proudly standing beside a sunflower, another olde Mister Crow is looking in a backer covered with vines. The last stitching is of a trio of sunflowers and a big olde bee!

Finished Quilt Size: 27" X 37"
  • Details

    Original Design by Sandra McKee
    1894 Cottonwood House
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