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Good Morning!

2023 Lambing Season Party


Bobbie Dawn Tessandori

*Your Cottonwood Goodies Will Be Shipped

Along With Your Order*

We Humbly Thank EVERYONE Who Participated In Our

Lambing Season Event

Watch for Your Items April 28-May 3


We Have A Few Questions For YOU...

Pictured: One Of Our Wooly Bundle Cupboards

What is Your Favorite Way

To Purchase Wool...

In Yardage?

In 6.5" x 16" Bundles?

In 8" X 8" Bundles?

6.5" x 16" Build A Bundle Pieces?

What Color/Texture Would You Like

To See More Of?

It Is SOOO Very Hard To Decide!

Let Us Know

Via Email, Instagram, Facebook or Blogger!


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1 Comment

Apr 26, 2023

YIPPEE!!!! Sorry I should have posted and Not emailed! I’m SO excited! to answer some question…. I only use black and white in yardage. I love both bundles and build a bundles! The struggle is SO Real!! I love all colors, lean a little more towards fall colors. I love all the textures! I think it adds character to the piece! Thank you!

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