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Christmas In Concord, 1868


2023 Cottonwood House BOM

"Christmas In Concord, 1868"

A Little Women Christmas

Inspired by Louisa May Alcott


#836 "The Stables of Mr. Lawrence"

11" x 15" Wooly Block

Limited Number of KITS Available

KITS Ship May 24


#835 "Snowball Fight"

Block Six

#834 "Alcott's Schoolhouse" Block Five

#833 "Meg's Sampler" Block Four

#832 "Gracious Giving" Block Three

#831 "Orchard House" Block Two

#830 "Christmas In Concord, 1868" Block One ***** **Watch For Upcoming Blocks** "Aunt Josephine's Home" "A Snowman For Beth" "Decorating the Tree" "Family...The Best Present of All" *** Finished Wooly Quilt - 30" x 64"

©1894 Cottonwood House ********

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